Information about GMSI education program point


Global COE for Mechanical Systems Innovation Secretariat

We inform GMSI program point acquired during 2012 to you by E-mail.
The following programs are targeted.

■Point List
1. 114th GMSI Open seminar, Prof. Thomas Pichler, 5 October
2. 115th GMSI Open seminar, Prof. Mads Brandbyge, 1 October
3. 116th GMSI Open seminar, Prof. Tom Daniel, 23 October
4. 117th GMSI Open seminar, Dr. Toma Susi, 23 October
5. 118th GMSI Open seminar, Prof. Junichiro Kono, 30 October
6. 119th GMSI Open seminar, Prof. Fredrik Lundell, 12 November
7. 120th GMSI Open seminar, Dr. Stephan Irle, 19 November
8. 121st GMSI Open seminar, Dr. Wei-Sheng Chen, 19 November
9. 122nd GMSI Open seminar, Prof. Randy Ellis, 19 November
10. 123rd GMSI Open seminar, Prof. Joachim Heberlein, 21 November
11. 124th GMSI Open seminar, Dr. Placidus B. Amama, 22 November
12. 125th GMSI Open seminar, Dr. Komiyama, Mr. Sakagami, 29 November
13. 127th GMSI Open seminar, Prof. Gustav Amberg, 20 December
14. 128th GMSI Open seminar, Prof. Dr. Sci. Aleksei E. Romanov, 11 January
15. 129th GMSI Open seminar, Prof. Wei Fan, 15 January
16. 130th GMSI Open seminar, Prof. Dr. Esko I. Kauppinen, 4 February
17. 131st GMSI Open seminar, Prof. Heikki Koivo, 7 February
18. 132nd GMSI Open seminar, Prof. Botton Gianluigi Andrea, 22 February
19. 133rd GMSI Open seminar, Prof. Yuriy Roman, 4 March
20. 134th GMSI Open seminar, Dr. Tran Tuan Anh, 4 February
21. 135th GMSI Open seminar, Prof. D.Sc.Gideon N.Levy, 5 March
22. 136th GMSI Open seminar, Prof. Takahito Ono, 8 March
23. 137th GMSI Open seminar, Prof. Junichiro Kono, 28 February

[GMSI evening seminar and innovation leader lectures]
-Lecture of Engineering Literacy 2(Course code:3722-129)-

1. The 41st/42nd GMSI evening seminar/The 26th/27th innovation leader lecture, (Dr. Tetsuo Ogama, 25 October/1 November)
2. The 43rd GMSI evening seminar/The 28th innovation leader lecture, (Dr. Makoto Morita 8 November)
3. The 44th GMSI evening seminar/The 29th innovation leader lecture, (Dr. Masao Fuchigami, 22 November)
4. The 45th GMSI evening seminar/The 30th innovation leader lecture, (Mr. Takashi Kobayashi, 29 November)
5. The 46th GMSI evening seminar/The 31st innovation leader lecture, (Mr. Toshio Iijima, 13 December)
6. The 47th GMSI evening seminar/The 32nd innovation leader lecture, (Dr. Yoshikazu Yoshida, 20 December)

1. Engineering Competency 1/PBL(Course code:3722-126)
2. Engineering Competency 2 (Course code:3722-127)
3. Basic Theory of Extended Nanospace (Course code:3722-118)
4. Nano/Micro Devices(International Lecture, Prof. Edward S. Yeung)
5. International Lecture (Dr. Duffey)
6. Nano/Micro Medical Systems (Course code:3722-117)
7. Nano/Micro Energy Systems (Course code: 3722-119)
8. Engineering Literacy 2(Course code:3722-130)
9. Engineering Literacy 3(Course code:3722-131)

[Symposiums / workshop / miscellaneous program]
1. GMSI International Symposium
2. International symposium on Simulations and Measurements for electrochemistry in Solid oxide fuel cells 2013
3. International workshop (Asian Academic Seminar)
4. Secondary advisor system